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Monday, July 31, 2017
Real Estate the Smart Way / August 1, 2017

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Dear Reader: Real Estate the Smart Way will keep you informed about the things that can impact your family’s quality-of-life by providing the best of news and perspectives on key issues that affect home buying, selling, up-keep and lifestyle. Get smarter, subscribe here.

  August 1, 2017
Newsletter No. 133
  First-Time Home Buyers Guide: Buying With Student Loans And Debt
  Buying Your First Home: Dealing With Student Loans

It's different to be a first-time home buyer as compared to an experienced one.

First-time home buyers often skew younger then the general home-buying population which means less work experience, lower income levels, and usually, less money saved for down payment.

It also can mean higher levels of federal student loans and debt. Concerns about student loan obligations are among the reasons why first-time home buyers account for a smaller percentage of the housing market as compared to recent years.

According to a study by American Student Assistance, 55% of student loan holders said their debt is causing them to put off homeownership.
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  A Quick Guide to How Much Real Estate Agents Make
  Selling and/or buying a home is one large financial transaction, so it’s sensible to know where the costs and gains are.

Hiring the right real estate agent is one of those costs, and sometimes people hesitate over it. A great agent is actually your main source of gain.

Here's how to figure out how much real estate agents make, and where the benefits are for you.

Let’s Look at Some Numbers A real estate agent makes about 6% commission on the sale price of a house, and that amount is usually divided between the seller’s and the buyer’s agents.
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  10 Tips for Urban Gardening
  City dwellers often think gardening is only for those who live in suburbs or rural communities, but planting an urban garden can be easy.

Whether you are planting a garden for yourself or your family, you can do your part to create a more sustainable and green future.

These simple steps recommended by Arjan Stephens, executive vice president at Nature's Path Organic Foods, can help you on your way to greening your thumb and the planet:

1. No Space, No Problem. Not everyone has a backyard, roof or balcony. To overcome this issue, start a container garden. While decorative pots can be lovely, they don't improve the quality of your plants and can be expensive. Instead, you can use a large bucket from a garden store, which is a low-cost and effective option. Or upcycle containers not in use, such as crates, old toys or paint cans.
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