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Advisor Program
Only the NextRE Advisor program provides you with a house-warming gift when you buy a home in a new development.
Provided the builder pays NextRE a buyer’s referral fee.

That is why smart shoppers call NextRE first.

The NextRE Advisor helps them find the best deal in a new home, helps with obtaining financing and doing all the things that you’d expect from the region’s fastest growing, full service real estate company.

Personalized, efficient real estate is our business. What you do with your house warming gift -- hey, that's your business!

Professional guidance at a stressful time.

The NextRE Advisor program was created especially to assist consumers who are looking to purchase a house in a new development, and in the process, simplify and provide professional guidance for what can be an extremely complex and stressful experience.

NextRE Advisors’ knowledge spans all newly built neighborhoods, so they’re able to provide you with the broadest range of choices.

Our Advisors provide an invaluable service, paying careful attention to matters that enhance resale value while ensuring that no unnecessary costs are incurred in the process.

For example, specifying hardwood floors instead of tile or carpet for the foyer might add more value to your home when it comes time for resale.

Our housewarming gift might be all that is needed to turn your new house into your gorgeous home.