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Streamlined Settlement For Your Home Ownership

     The purchaser of real estate needs protection against serious financial loss due to a defect in the title to the property purchased. For a single, one-time premium, which is a modest amount in relationship to the value of the property, a buyer can receive the protection of a title insurance policy. The policy will not only protect the insured owner, but also that person's heirs for as long as they hold title to the property and will pay for the costs and legal expenses of defending against a title claim.  

In any real estate transaction, no matter how big or small, there are many details and potential issues that need to be addressed. You need an agent that cares not only about the buyer and seller but about every person involved in the closing. Lenders are given up-to-the-minute details on important information. Speed and accuracy are critical in today's high-speed society.  

With integrated searching services and interconnected computer systems amongst all the offices, abstract services providers can see and transport information in an instant. Electronic delivery of loan documents is a snap. You'll have the peace of mind that tells you that your transaction is being handled professionally and expeditiously every time. 

Please contact: Chris Rossmaier

Insurance to protect a lender or owner against loss in the event of a property ownership dispute.
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 Excel Settlement, LLC
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